Monday, October 19, 2015

WGHP "Championship Wrestling" Ticket

Check out this rare original ticket to the studio wrestling tapings at WGHP channel 8 in High Point, NC. Note the hand-written alteration on the ticket of the day and date. Someone just didn't think through things very well when they printed December 25, 1973 on that week's tickets. They certainly weren't going to have a taping on Christmas Day.

They instead decided to double up the week before, having a taping on both Tuesday (normal night for WGHP taping) and a special Wednesday night. The tickets originally printed for 12/25 were honored on Wednesday 12/19. Johnny Weaver's personal journals showed this to be the case.

"Championship Wrestling", which aired on WGHP-8 in High Point, NC (a TV market which includes Greensboro and Winston-Salem as well) was taped at a studio at the Sheraton Hotel. WGHP's original studios were located inside the Sheraton Hotel on North Main Street in downtown High Point, and the wrestling tapings took place there until they were discontinued and consolidated with the WRAL Raleigh tapings in the summer of 1974. The station moved to new studios around 10 years later.