Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling hosts Les Thatcher and Bob Caudle

     In 1974-1975, Bob Caudle and Les Thatcher both hosted a separate hour of Mid-Atlantic Championship wrestling taped at the studios of WRAL in Raleigh NC. Bob's show was the primary show (or "A" show) and aired in all Mid-Atlantic markets. Les's "B" show aired in markets that supported a 2nd hour of Crockett Wrestling, and usually on a different station on those markets. 

     For example, in the Greenville/Asheville/Spartanburg market, the Caudle show aired on WFBC-TV channel 4, the NBC affiliate out of Greenville SC at 1:00 PM on Saturday afternoons. Thatcher's show aired at 11:30 PM on WLOS-TV channel 13, the ABC affiliate out of Asheville NC.

     For more on the WRAL studio shows, visit the WRAL Studio Wrestling page on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nashville Studio (Gulas)

     This photograph appeared in a 1972 issue of "Wrestling Monthly" magazine and is a good shot of the Gulas wrestling TV show out of Nashville. I particularly like the sign standing behind the desk promoting wrestling's return to the Fairgrounds Arena. The promoter was Nick Gulas. His son George is seen here hosting the program. George would later wrestle for his father as well.

     Thanks to Carroll Hall for loaning us his issue of Wrestling Monthly.