Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Apostolou Acquires Starland Arena (1965)

Our friend Kyle Rosser sent us this bit of info he found on Roanoke wrestling promoter Pete Apostolou and Starland Arena that was on the Roanoke News website from 1965:

“Professional wrestling has found a new home in Roanoke. Pete Apostolou, president of the Roanoke Sports Club, announced Saturday that part of former Starland Bowl at 3555 Shenandoah Ave., N.W., has been acquired as a wrestling arena.”
Apostolou appeared regularly as a color commentator on his TV show "All-Star Wrestling" in the 1960s. The show was hosted by WDBJ-7 personality Hal Grant and aired live on WDBJ on Saturday afternoons.

The Starland Bowl was a skating rink and bowling alley until being converted into the famous Starland Arena in 1965. It became home to Mid-Atlantic wrestling events in Roanoke for over two decades.

For more information on "All Star Wrestling" from Roanoke, visit Studio Wrestling: WDBJ-7 on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.