Friday, March 4, 2016

Memphis voice "Big Jack Eaton" Signs Off

"Big" Jack Eaton
I always appreciate learning about other great voices from other territories, those that either hosted wrestling form the "studio days" or lent a hand to the wrestling business in those days through offering wrestling results on the local evening news.

Scott Bowden writes of the passing of veteran Memphis TV personality Jack Eaton in a recent column on his excellent site Kentucky Fried Rasslin'. ("A wrestling perspective that's both original AND extra crispy.")

Eaton, who Bowden explains was likely better known as the voice of the Memphis State Tigers football and basketball teams, was also well known by wrestling fans for lending his voice to wrestling highlights on the WMC-5 news broadcasts.

When Jerry “the King” Lawler defeated Eddie Gilbert in a loser-leaves-town bout to send the hated leader of the First Family packing, Eaton cracked, “If Jimmy Hart owes you money, you’d better find him fast.”
The article contains an embedded video link to rare footage of Jack Eaton showing highlights from a jam packed Mid-South Coliseum bout between AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkle and Southern champ Jerry Lawler.

A nice article, check it out as you have  chance.

Channel 5’s Big Jack Eaton Signs Off
by Scott Bowden, Kentucky Fried Rasslin