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Mid-Atlantic TV Program Wins Awards (1976)

From a 1976 issue of "Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine"
Mid-Atlantic TV Program Wins Awards (1976)

The television program "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling" didn't win any Oscars, Emmies. or Grammies in 1976; but they walked away with a lions share of awards in their field. In the 1976 National Wrestling Alliance Poll of television Programs, Mid-Atlantic was awarded the following:

  • Best Production, Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
  • Best Director, Robert Parnel
  • Best Technical Supervisor, George Scott
  • Best Commentating Team, Bob Caudle and David Crockett

Many things behind the scenes go into putting together an award winning production. The camera crew, floor director, audio man, etc. The wrestling talent you see on the program is second to none, but awards are not given for wrestlers. It is the program itself that is judged. On the Mid-Atlantic program, experience is the by word.

Director Parnell has been in the directors booth on wrestling programs for over nine years. Handling that job is the toughest of any sports programing. He keeps three cameras in play at all times in trying to follow the action wherever it takes place. Sometimes that is all over the studio!

Tech man George Scott needs no introduction to area wrestling fans. He was a top mat star for more than twenty years. His job is to work with the television crew and brief them on what wrestling styles to look for in each match. During a taping, he is in contact at all times with the directors booth.

The men at the microphones, Bob Caudle and David Crockett add more experience to the team. Bob has been in radio and television most of his adult life and at the controls of the Raleigh taped program for over ten years. David has grown up around wrestling. Working in promotion and a brief wrestling career has given him an insight into what's happening in the squared circle.

By mixing all this talent and experience, you have something that spells quality and proven wrestling programing. This year it payed off in winning the most awards of any program in the country.

This week when you stretch out in front of your TV set and turn on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrest-ling, remember that the hour you are watching has taken many hours of planning for this hand full of men. The program you are watching is the best in the country.

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[From a 1976 issue of "Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine"]