Thursday, June 4, 2015

Feeling No Pain: A Tom Miller Memory

As I continue to collect tidbits written about my favorite Mid-Atlantic Wrestling arena ring announcer Tom Miller, the following is an excerpt from a blog post by H.A. Thompson with a memory about Truckin' Tom:

"40 years ago in 1975, I took over Ty Boyd’s morning show on WBT and he went into motivational speaking full time. At the time, the all night DJ was Truckin’ Tom Miller, who played country music, and ended his show at 6am when I arrived. Sometimes, he would hang around and we would kibitz for a half hour. Truckin’ Tom was a character!

His friends would drop off a pint of booze with the night watchman and he would deliver it to Tom. By the time I arrived, Tom was full of himself and feeling no pain. He had an incredible poetry talent. He could write a humorous poem in 5 minutes. He played the character of Professor Tillman Le Dino…a name that came from a fertilizer manufacturer. Get it? A good ole Southern Mississippi man from Mississippi Southern University."

From H.A. Thompson's post titled "Ty Boyd is not a person but a state of mind…" from his blog "Do Something Scary." The entire post is here.

Tom was a legendary character, both on local radio in North Carolina and Virginia, as well in the world of pro-wrestling in the Carolinas in the 1970s and 1980s. More about Tom Miller on this blog here.