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Truckin' Tom Miller

Tom Miller
We are collecting information on Tom Miller for a future article on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway. Tom was probably best known in wrestling circles as the ring announcer for Jim Crockett Promotions in Greensboro, NC, in the late 1970s through early 1990s, and was seen on many of the TV shows and pay-per-views that Crockett Promotions produced during those years.

But we remember Tom more fondly for his work as a color commentator on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling with Bob Caudle in the summer of 1976 and co-host of Wide World Wrestling in 1978. Miller co-hosted Wide World (with George Scott) in between the 3-year stint of Ed Capral that preceded him and the 4-year stint of Rich Landrum that followed him (when the show's name was changed to World Wide Wrestling.)

Tom was a local radio host for many years in North carolina and Virginia, including a stint as overnight host on WBT-AM radio out of Charlotte from 1973-1975 where he hosted a country music program aimed at truckers, where he got the nickname "Truckin' Tom Miller." Ole Anderson often referred to Tom as "Truckin' Tom" on the Mid-Atlantic broadcasts he appeared on in 1976.

Tom passed away in 1993 at the very young age of 52. He was last involved with wrestling doing the voice overs running down the towns for the local WCW wrestling events. Those appeared on the WTBS broadcasts of WCW Saturday Night, WCW Main Event, and the WCW Power Hour.

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I will posting some audio of Tom Miller doing wrestling commentary for Crockett Promotions in the future as well.

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Photograph of Tom Miller from the BT Memories website. 
Thanks to Carroll Hall for his assistance with biographical information used in this post.

Tom Miller Radio Work
1968-1973 : WGBG Greensboro. 
1973-1975 : WBT Charlotte
1975-1977 : WGBG (dates approximate)
1977 - : WAKG Danville VA (dates approximate)

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