Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sound Bytes: Les Thatcher (1975)

Back in the mid-1970s, the television hosts for Jim Crockett Promotions would always run down the list of current champions that week. Bob Caudle, Les Thatcher, Ed Capral, Rich Landrum - - they would announce that the show was sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance and then list all of the champions, starting with the NWA world heavyweight champion.

In this example, Les Thatcher announces the NWA sanctioning and runs down the champions of the NWA in July of 1975.

From the 2nd hour of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling taped 7/23/75 at WRAL in Raleigh:

Les Thatcher

Quite a distinguished list of champions!

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Jack Brisco
NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Hiro Matsuda
NWA World Tag Team Champions: Gene and Ole Anderson
United States Heavyweight Champion: Johnny Valentine
Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion: Wahoo McDaniel
Mid-Atlantic Television Champion: Ric Flair