Friday, February 13, 2015

"Hello everybody, this is Billy Powell..."

Billy Powell

"Hello everybody, this is Billy Powell, and I want to invite you to join us this Monday night at the Greenville Memorial Auditorium..."

This was the greeting from the familiar voice of Billy Powell we heard every Saturday during a local break on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling when it aired on WFBC-TV channel 4 from Greenville, SC.

Billy Powell was a well known radio voice in Greenville, perhaps most well known as the voice of the Bi-Lo supermarket promotional spots that aired on WFBC radio for years.

But wrestling fans knew him best as the ring announcer for nearly three decades (1962-1985) at the GMA wrestling shows every monday night promoted by Jim Crockett Promotions out of Charlotte. In addition he did two 1-minute promotional spots for those same shows that aired during Mid-Atlantic Wrestling where he would promote the upcoming event. As a result, wrestling fans across the upstate of South Carolina, western North Carolina, and east Tennessee all knew Billy's voice, even if they never attended a show in Greenville.

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