Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling hosts Les Thatcher and Bob Caudle

     In 1974-1975, Bob Caudle and Les Thatcher both hosted a separate hour of Mid-Atlantic Championship wrestling taped at the studios of WRAL in Raleigh NC. Bob's show was the primary show (or "A" show) and aired in all Mid-Atlantic markets. Les's "B" show aired in markets that supported a 2nd hour of Crockett Wrestling, and usually on a different station on those markets. 

     For example, in the Greenville/Asheville/Spartanburg market, the Caudle show aired on WFBC-TV channel 4, the NBC affiliate out of Greenville SC at 1:00 PM on Saturday afternoons. Thatcher's show aired at 11:30 PM on WLOS-TV channel 13, the ABC affiliate out of Asheville NC.

     For more on the WRAL studio shows, visit the WRAL Studio Wrestling page on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.