Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dusty Rhodes Promo on Ric Flair for Atlanta TV (WPCQ)

One month and one day after losing the NWA World Heavyweight Championship to Ric Flair in Kansas City on 9/17/81, Dusty Rhodes gets his rematch on 10/18/81 in the Omni in Atlanta. This taped interview with Rhodes promoted that rematch and aired on "Georgia Championship Wrestling" on Saturday, 10/03/81.

The interview was likely taped in the studios of WPCQ-36 in Charlotte, the home of television tapings for Jim Crockett Promotions since August of that same year. Crockett had just recently moved his base of TV operations from Raleigh to Charlotte. (There is also the slight possibility this was shot at the Briarbend studio where the local promos were taped, although those typically had a different background.)

The introduction by Gordon Solie was taped at the WTBS-17 studios in Atlanta, GA.  The interviewer in the clip is Ken Conrad. (Click here for more info on Ken Conrad being added to the roster of Jim Crockett Promotions on-Air Talent.)