Thursday, September 3, 2015

Landrum & Weaver calling Flair match at WRAL Studio (1980)

This is a nice little Ric Flair match from WRAL TV studios in Raleigh, NC,  Ric Flair vs. Billy Starr from "World Wide Wrestling" in 1980 at WRAL TV-5 studio in Raleigh, NC. WRAL was the longtime home of TV tapings for "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling" and "World Wide Wrestling."

Johnny Weaver and Rich Landrum
Any footage from WRAL studio is relatively rare. Jim Crockett Promotions moved taping to Charlotte in the late summer of 1981 before VCRs were in wide use. And the WWE's tape library for Crockett TV largely begins in November 1981 after the move to Charlotte.

The commentary is by Rich Landrum and Johnny Weaver. Landrum began hosting a revamped version of "World Wide Wrestling" in the fall of 1978. He had various guest commentators before settling in with Weaver who became the permanent co-host for World Wide for many years.

The only thing missing is Johnny singing "Turn out the Lights, The Party's Over" at the end of the match, which was Weaver's homage to "Dandy" Don Meredith who would often sing that refrain during Monday Night Football in those years. 

This taped match aired on "NWA Championship Wrestling" from the Knoxville territory in November of 1981. The wrap-arounds are shot in the WBIR TV-10 studios and are hosted by Les Thatcher, the voice of Knoxville wrestling for many years.

(This video was also posted on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.)